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Five Must-Know Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks for Professionals

No profession in the modern world can escape digitalization and the Internet. And those who are unable to adapt will be far left behind by the others who keep their tech-savviness updated.

Since you’ve discovered us, we present you five tips and tricks that can help you to get ahead in your career, whatever it is. 

1. Know How to Fax Via Email

You probably asked, “Who in the world still fax, these days?” And as surprising as it may sound, the answer will be pretty much everyone in the business world still uses that old school machine. The versatility of faxing in sending and receiving authenticated documents is irreplaceable. And if you’ve been paying attention to your surroundings, you should realize that law firms, hospitals, and government institutions are the ones that use fax machines the most. 

Therefore, as a professional who can adapt to just anything thrown at you, you should learn how to send a fax from gmail. 

2. Know How to Use Social Media for Business Creatively

using twitterIt’s been everyone’s secret that the HR (Human Resources) departments of many companies consider job applicants’ use of social media to be a factor during the hiring. Therefore, you must take a look at your business accounts and see if you’ve posted any content that is potentially against the political correctness. 

Besides, if you can make an excellent presentation of your profession on your social media, it can surely be a benefit to advance your career. And what we mean by excellent here is to use multimedia approaches in creating content, for example, short videos, edited photos, explainer animation, etc. 

3. Know the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not a subject that exclusively belongs to the marketing department. In fact, the digital marketability of a company is so sophisticated that all the elements in the business can affect it. For example, with today’s trend of political partisanship, your employee’s statement regarding a controversial issue on his/her social media can definitely impact your company’s image. Therefore, by knowing this fact, you can be wise in using social media, and you can encourage others to be the same. 

4. Know How to Select Authentic Information

With today’s access to infinite information, it will be absurd to attempt to memorize news. What you need instead is healthy critical thinking that can help you to identify hoaxes from the truth. Besides, phishing emails are prevalent. If you do not know if an email is legit or not, you can put the whole company’s security at risk. Therefore, sharpen your mind so that you can select only the authentic information before you make a professional decision.

5. Know How to Optimize the Use of Cloud Service

A cloud service enables people to collaborate on a file remotely but in real-time engagement. Besides, the cloud is much safer than physical storage devices. It can’t degrade over time, and it is always there for you to access. Therefore, as a professional, you must accustom yourself to using cloud service as it can be the best platform to store your data and connect with your colleagues.