Things to Consider When Starting Your Online E-Liquid Business

The popularity of vaping has since been on the rise when more and more people became aware of the health hazards of cigarette smoking. Well, thanks to the government’s health programs which are intended to promote healthy practices among its populace. As many were swayed that vaping is the healthier version of cigarette smoking, smokers have been shifting to vaping. This made many entrepreneurs try their luck in the manufacturing and distributing of vape juice or e-liquids.

A newbie in e-liquid production will have to start from scratch when venturing to an e-liquid business. He should have a big start-up capital to hire experts, to purchase equipment and raw materials, and to build a production plant. Another way is to have your own online e-liquid company.

When producing your brand of e-liquid, you should consider the following facts about vaping, vapers, and vape busness

Every Vaper Has His Own Taste

What may be sweet to someone must be sweeter to another. Or, what may be chocolaty to you may taste like coffee to someone else. The difference in the taste of every vaper makes it rational to create more flavors. It is indeed a challenge for every vaper to find the perfect taste that he desires and the challenge may be endless. Although vapers can mix and match flavors until they can come up with the ideal taste for them, it will be good for your company if you have all the flavors that vapers are looking for.

Every Manufacturer Has His Own Mixtures

There are four basic components of e-liquid, and they are vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), distilled water and flavorings. Nicotine is optional. Manufacturers have their own mixtures of these elements to come up with unique tastes.

The taste of an e-liquid is dependent on the ratio of these components. VG determines the sweetness and cloud production of your vape. Although PG is odorless and tasteless, it is the element that causes a scratchy feel on the throat which is suitable for cig smokers but may be offensive to some vapers. Nicotine can also change the taste of e-liquids. So, in this case, it is not only the flavorings that determine the taste and overall quality of vape juice, but it is dependent on the mixture of all the components of an e-liquid.

Some manufacturer can also have some innovations by adding some ingredients like essential oils. This makes your vape juice taste different and a little bit on the healthier side.

vapeSame Flavors May Not Taste the Same

Vapers would always compare e-liquids produced by different manufacturers. Try to go for the real taste of what your label says. Don’t mix them all up. When the label says that it is banana-flavored, then let it be and don’t let it taste like strawberry.

Although the labels may be the same, tastes may not exactly be the same. Flavorings come from different sources so the concentration of each may vary, causing slight differences in tastes.