Dubai is All Set to Counter Cyber Attacks

Information Technology seems to be the next booming industry in Dubai after the Petroleum Oil prices have started falling. With more and more IT companies finding their base in Dubai, the need for cyber security has become all the more important. With the digitization of data, comes the need to store them securely and the development of Information Security in Dubai has been seeing significant improvements for the same in the recent years.

One such step towards implementing better cyber globesecurity plans was taken a couple of years back in the form of establishing a Cyber Security Center in Dubai with Al Qamzi as its chairman. They are working efficiently on tackling the hacking attempts made towards the government sites as well as all sorts of cyber crimes happening under their region.


The Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference held in May 2015 was another huge initiative by the Dubai’s government towards ensuring Information Security for Dubai as well as the whole world. The government of Dubai is working hand in hand with the private IT firms to ensure better cyber security and the annually held GITEX Technology event made this effort more visible and stronger. They realize the huge risks involved if their smart city endeavor is being attacked and are working closely with private organizations providing information security to ensure maximum protection from the hackers.

With most of the information available on the Internet, the risks of hacking information become high and hence the need for a highly intelligent and multi-level digital security is a must everywhere. E-Commerce and electronic transactions have become very common in the UAE, and it calls for up-to-date information security arrangements that are continuously changing and improving.

What is being used today to secure an electronic vault should not be used tomorrow or else, the risk of getting hacked and electronically robbed increases by100 times. The risk increases with the value of transactions and the frequency too as some hackers tend to keep track of their victims over a time before actually making collateral damage.


The risk of cyber attacks become all the more brutal in the UAE as these countries have some of the richest people in Asia. Dubai, particularly deals in businesses worth millions, every day and more than often the transactions are effected using highly secured Internet. Making sure Dubai is more secure with its digital information has become all the more important with the IT and digital transformations forecast in the coming years.